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Possibly the best time management advice ever!   

One of the best time management advice stories goes like this. Charles Schwab was a steel mill Magnate in the 1930s and asked a time management guru, Ivy Lee, for his top tip. Ivy Lee gave the tip and said he was so confident of his advice that Charles can try it out and pay him whatever he feels the tip is worth. After a few weeks Charles was so impressed with the […]

I have several job offers, how do I decide which to choose? 

In the current economic climate, securing a new role is difficult for many candidates, but if you are lucky enough to have several job offers, you will want to ensure you make the right choice. It may be the case that you have been unemployed for a long time and suddenly you find yourself inundated […]

Why your CV is probably being ignored

  The print and packaging job market has always been a competitive environment. Not only are we competing with other applicants for a role, we are also competing for attention. Employers (and recruiters) seek candidates focused on their career, not someone merely going through the motions of looking for another job. Here are the simple […]

10 reasons why you should use a headhunter

10 reasons why you should use a headhunter Headhunters, in simple terms, are recruiters – but not all recruiters are headhunters. Another term for what headhunters do is “Executive Searching” and this is it in a nutshell – they search for the ideal candidates at executive and senior management level. But they don’t just match […]

The Role Of Video Interviewing In Recruitment

In a competitive world, employers are constantly striving to come up with new, innovative ways to recruit candidates. This is especially true within industries and roles which are specialised and require certain skills and experience, as there tends to be high demand for these types of candidates. With such high competition, it is important for businesses to embrace new […]