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We are a specialist recruiter focusing on sourcing the top 15% of talent for the leading Print and Packaging industry employers globally. We have extensive experience recruiting for forward thinking companies promoting sustainable solutions. Our aim is to enable our clients to build world class teams in order for them to achieve their growth targets. We listen to the unique requirements of our clients and put together a bespoke plan utilising the very latest Executive Search methodologies and automation strategies. We have relationships going back 15 years and have been responsible for recruiting entire global teams.

Specialist Executive Search company focusing on the Print and Packaging sectors globally.

We focus on attracting the best candidates within our sectors of expertise. We utilise the “Athena Recruiting System” which is a 7-step process to ensure a successful recruitment campaign. Using the latest automation and digital strategies along with in depth Executive Search expertise to engage with the best candidates in our specialist sectors. We also offer an unparalleled service to our candidates ensuring exclusive access to the best unadvertised vacancies and 20 years’ experience of working in the print and packaging sector.

Positions we typically recruit in Print and Packaging:

  • Executive and C-Level
  • Sustainability / circular economy
  • Sales Leadership
  • Technical roles
  • Operational Leadership
  • Business Unit Management
  • Supply Chain Leadership
  • Health and Safety Leadership
  • Production Management
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Project Management

Working across the following sectors in Print and Packaging:

  • Sustainability and the circular economy
  • Paper and Board
  • Flexible and Rigid Packaging
  • Beverage Packaging
  • Labels
  • Inks and Consumables
  • Digital Print
  • Capital Equipment
  • Reprographics
  • Security Print
  • Point of Sale

Print and Packaging Employers

Attracting the top 15% of talent in the Print and Packaging sectors whilst factoring out the bottom 85%.  Giving you a lower hiring cost and reduced stress and workload for you and your team.  This leads to higher retention rates based on our candidate filtering process. Our final interview to hire ratio is 2:1 with at least 93% of offers accepted.

Send out a message to your business sector that you can attract and retain the very best Global Print and Packaging talent. Differentiating you as an innovator and leader in the market.

Do you find it difficult to attract the highest calibre talent in the Global Print and Packaging sectors that really understands what the brand owners want and can propel your business ahead of your competitors?
You need the latest digital inbound systems to give you access to the highest calibre candidates in the Print and Packaging sectors. Instead of the “same old suspects” you need to interview the true innovators and high achievers.

Are you and your team spending too much time sorting through CV’s and interviewing unsuitable candidates taking you away from your core role and responsibilities?
You need to use a recruiter with the authority in your sector to be able to engage with the top talent as a trusted advisor. They must have a filtering process that ensures you only get to interview the leading candidates in the market reducing the amount of time you need to dedicate to the process.

Are you struggling to recruit technical specialists working on the latest print and packaging innovations with in demand skillsets?
In such a dynamic market and with the increasing adoption of digital technologies, growing environmental issues, and brand protection concerns there is an increasing need to attract the highest calibre of candidates. You need access to the very best talent using the latest recruitment methods.

Are your recruitment costs getting out of control and not giving you sufficient return on investment?
You need to use a proven system that attracts the top 15% of candidates and ensures that they match the key performance criteria you have identified.

Print and Packaging Candidates


Do you want access to the best unadvertised Print and Packaging vacancies but don’t have the time to source them?
We have high level contacts in the leading companies in your sector and have exclusive access to the premium unadvertised roles.

Are your options for career progression restricted in your current role? 

We will evaluate your current career situation and offer guidance on the options available in the market to enable you to achieve your career aspirations.

We can give you an honest appraisal of potential external opportunities available to you and whether a career move would be beneficial at this time.

Are you frustrated by the service you have received from recruitment agencies? Are you looking for a fresh innovative approach to help you find a role within the Print and Packaging sector?
We use the latest automation and digital strategies to engage with the leading companies across Print and Packaging. We are seen as trusted advisors with the authority to recommend the highest calibre of candidates to our network of clients.

Are you looking for career advice and guidance as well as help putting together a career development strategy?
We offer expertise to help plan your future career moves. We can help you build your brand and give impartial career advice. We can also advise on putting a CV together, prepare you for an interview and offer you resignation coaching. Click below to book a free Career ignition call.

Contact Information

Athena Executive Search
PO Box 37 Carnforth Lancs United Kingdom LA6 2WL

Phone: +44 (0)1524 271610

Email: enquiries@athena-executive.com 

Athena use the most innovative recruitment techniques including automated 24/7/365 systems and 20 years’ expertise in retained Executive Search.

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