The Role Of Video Interviewing In Recruitment

In a competitive world, employers are constantly striving to come up with new, innovative ways to recruit candidates. This is especially true within industries and roles which are specialised and require certain skills and experience, as there tends to be high demand for these types of candidates. With such high competition, it is important for businesses to embrace new technology and understand how it can be beneficial, rather than sticking to the tried and tested traditional methods. Many businesses are undertaking more telephone interviews than ever before, so are these slowly becoming the future of recruitment? There are many reasons why video interviewing is becoming an increasingly popular method of recruitment.

Increased Choice 

When it comes to the recruitment process, it is not always feasible to interview candidates, regardless of how suitable they may be for the role. Many candidates are based overseas, but will be happy to move when they find employment. The use of video interviewing can allow businesses to widen their audience and improve their pool of candidates. With video interviewing, it is possible to speak to anyone, regardless of their location. In roles which are difficult to fill, video interviewing can make the difference between filling a role or not.


It is much more flexible to set up video interviewing than it is with face to face interviews. When you set up face to face interviews, you need to ensure both parties are free and find suitable time slots. However, with video interviewing, there is much greater flexibility as interviews can potentially be carried out at anytime and anywhere, even on the go!

Cost Saving 

Video interviewing is not only more flexible, it is also a good way for businesses to save costs. Most businesses spend thousands of pounds each year on travel costs, but unnecessary costs associated with travelling for interviews can be decreased, if not eliminated, through video interviewing. The cost of recruiting a member of staff usually mounts to thousands of pounds, so any way of decreasing expenditure will be welcomed by any business.


In many cases, employers will want to see candidates face to face before making a final decision on whether to make the hire, which is understandable. However, it is still quicker to use video interviewing in the first instance, as you can easily and quickly eliminate those who are not suitable. Video interviewing can help the process reach conclusion, long before it would using only traditional methods.


Professional people have busy schedules to adhere to and quite often, interviews can take up a lot of time, especially where travel is involved. Without the use of video interviewing, those involved may need to make numerous trips until a final conclusion is reached. It is much more convenient to use video interviewing, than to rely on traditional methods only.

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